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Bahrain ranks fifth overall and first at Arab level in participation at Islamic Solidarity Games

The athletic team has etched their names in gold at the Islamic Solidarity Games ongoing at Azerbaijan and concluding tomorrow, May 22. The Bahraini champions achieved three gold medals and one silver at the end of the athletic competitions held yesterday (Saturday), at Baku Olympic Stadium, giving the Kingdom an unprecedented historical achievement by earning the fifth position in the overall ranking.


The Bahraini athletic champions shook Baku stadium in most of the competitions, demonstrating the prowess of the heroes that honoured Bahrain in the international Islamic sports gathering. Bahrain achieved 19 medals, 11 gold, 5 silver and 3 bronze medals, then wrestler Adam Batirov acquired bronze yesterday in the 70kg wrestling competition, and the shooting team achieved gold in the mixed skeet final, which raised the medal tally to a total of 21 medals including 12 gold, 5 silver and 4 bronze. Bahrain was placed 5th in the overall ranking and first position at the level of Arabian countries from among 54 participating Islamic countries, making this into a first of its kind achievement, as the Kingdom previously achieved 11th position from 37 countries during the third edition which was held in 2013, in Indonesia.

The Kingdom of Bahrain concluded its tour of the tournament following its participation in three sports, athletics, archery and wrestling. The athletics team will return home on Sunday, while the administrative team will participate in Monday’s closing ceremony and the delegation will return on Tuesday.


Mikhou achieves gold in 1500m race

Runner Alsadik Mikhou achieved first position and the gold medal in the final of the men’s 1500m race finishing the race at 3:36:64 minutes, Moroccan runner Fouad Elkaam won second place and silver medal after finishing the race at 3:37:81 and fellow Moroccan runner, Brahim Kaazouzi finished third place with the bronze medal in 3:38:24 minutes.


Women National team achieves gold in 4×400 Relay race

The national team including runners Oluwakemi Adekoya, Edidiong Odiong, Aminat Jamal and Salwa Nasser, won the gold medal in the 4x400m relay, finishing the race at 3:32 minutes. Nigeria won second place, achieving the silver medal and finishing in 3:34:47 minutes, with the Turkish team in third place winning bronze medal after finishing at 3:41:29 minutes.


Abraham wins gold medal in the men’s 10,000m race

Abraham Cheroben won the first place and gold medal in the men’s 10,000 meters’ final after finishing the race in 27:38:76 minutes, while Turkish runner Kigen Kaan achieved second place and the silver medal after finishing the race in 27:41:99 minutes. Moroccan runner Soufiyan Bouqantar won third place and the bronze medal, finishing the race at 27:47:59 minutes.


Rose Chelimo wins silver in the Women’s 10,000 meters race

Runner Rose Chelimo finished second and won the silver medal in the women’s 10,000m final race after finishing the race at 31:37:81, while the Turkish runner Yasemin Can in first place won the gold medal by finishing the race at 31:18:20 minutes. UAE athlete, Alia Mohammed won third place and the bronze medal, finishing in 31:49:01 minutes and qualifying to the World Championships which will be held in London next summer.


Men’s relay team wins fourth place

The national team consisting of Ali Khamis, Yaqoob Salem, Saeed Al Khaldi and Isah Musa did not have the chance to achieve one of the top three spots in the Men’s 400×4 relay race, and finished fourth in 3:11:11 minutes. The Turkish team won first place and gold by finishing in 3:06:83 minutes, Pakistan won the second place and the silver medal by finishing in 3:07:62 minutes. Oman secured third place and the bronze medal in 3:08:94 minutes.


13 male and female runners qualify for World Athletics Championship

Seven female runners have successfully qualified for the World Athletics Championships to be held in London next summer, through the Islamic Solidarity Games hosted by Baku.

Rose Chelimo and Shitaye Eshete achieved the qualifying numbers for the women’s 10,000m, Oluwakemi and Salwa Eid achieved the qualifying numbers for the women’s 400m. Ruth Jebbet and Tigist Mekonen also achieved the qualifying numbers for the Women’s 3000m steeplechase race.

Eight other runners achieved qualifying numbers for the World Championship through previous achievements, and they include: Abraham Cheroben in the Men’s 1000m race, Eunice Kirwa, Rose Chelimo, Eunice Chumba, Isaac Korir, Alemu Bekele, Hassan Shani for the men’s and women’s marathon race, in addition to Kemi in the 400m steeplechase race.

Thus, the number of runners qualified to the World Championship in various competitions is now 13, including male and female athletes.



Adam Batirov wins bronze medal in wrestling

Wrestler Adam Batirov finished third, beating his Uzbek rival with a score of 6/5 and achieving the bronze medal in a match that determined the third and fourth place. Through his win he gave the Kingdom of Bahrain its first medal in the wrestling competition.

Batirov beat the Turkmen wrestler in the preliminary qualifiers with a score 10/0, to qualify for the quarter-finals and beat Kazakhtan’s wrestler with a score of 10/6 before losing to the Iranian wrestler in the semi-finals with a score of 8/4.

Batirov was exhausted and suffered fatigue as there was not enough time to rest between each match, preventing the wrestler from catching his breath.

By achieving the third position and raising the banner of the Kingdom, Batirov expressed his joy by saying:  “I was hoping to achieve a better result and reach the final and compete for silver or gold at the very least, but I was defeated by the Iranian wrestler and I hope to compensate in upcoming participations.”

Baterov expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the Bahrain Olympic Committee and the Bahrain Mixed Martial Arts Federation for giving him the opportunity to participate in the Islamic Solidarity Games and raise the name of the Kingdom. He expressed satisfaction with the achievement of the bronze medal which will be the starting point for achieving more medals in the upcoming championships.

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