Four Matches on 11th Day of Khalid 5

On the 11th day of Khalid 5, four matches were held within the eighth and first groups competitions. In the first match, Hamad Town Youth Centre passed Al Hamala by 3-1, while Al Maameer defeated their neighbours Al Eker by a score of 5-3 within the eighth group matches. It’s noteworthy that 23 goals were scored within the matches of the group, which is led by Hamad Town Youth Centre Team.

As for the first group matches, Muharraq affirmed their determination to remain at the top of the group after they defeated Al Buhair Youth Centre 4-2. Muharraq’s star Mahmood Al-Sharqawi was injured during the match and wasn’t able to continue the match. The injury might deprive Al-Sharqawi from playing the next two matches with his teammates.

Buri Youth Centre won Karzakkan Youth Centre by 4-0 in the second match of the group and final match of the day. This is the first victory of Buri since the beginning of the league.

The organising committee announced that a clear increase in the numbers of spectators has been noticed as the league advances to the next rounds, with more exciting matches expected between the competing teams. Many of the spectators,  especially younger ones, make sure they meet Khalid 5 mascot Nabeel and take photos with him.

On the sidelines of the matches, Al Maameer Club honoured the members of the organising committee as an appreciation of their efforts to organise the league. Redha Aman, Al Maameer Club President presented a bouquet to Ali Al Arabi, Khalid 5 Director.

The organising committee honoured the best four players of the day, in a gesture to motivate players to show their best performances. The honoured players were Hamad Town’s Raed Al-Najran, Al Maameer’s Mohammed Yousif, Muharraq’s Ali Abdulrasool and Buri’s Elyas Al-Hujairi.

Four matches in the of the third rounds will be held on Saturday between Dar Kulaib Youth Centre and Halat Al Naeem Youth Centre, Zayid Town Youth Centre and Al Naeem Youth Centre, Salmabad Youth Centre and Ras Rumman Youth Centre and Jurdab Youth Centre and Sadad Youth Centre.